September 11, 20190


Let's Talk with Perculia Lets talk is a lifestyle talk show that treats and discuss life issues in relationship, marriage, family and the society at large. LET’S TALK Let's Talk is a life style show that deals on sensitive, trendy, social and general topics that affects individuals, couples and the society at large. Experienced guest are brought in to share their opinions and expertize to give their professional advice on key societal issues.. 2020 1 h 30 min Show Let's Talk Watch full episode Our Facebook familyCast: Host: Perculiar Eziam Co Host: Nkechi  Director: Sammy Sound Man: Mr Peace Official  Camera: Hammed Co Camera: Show-light Post Production: Tayo, Jubrill, Armani Official trailer: Starring:Perculiar EziamGallery:Tweet
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